ZK CONSULTANTS is a gateway to leadership development on the personal, professional, and organizational levels. We provide management with the tools to build a strong corporate culture, one that is aligned with their strategy as well as with their human assets.  ZK CONSULTANTS specializes in bridging cross-cultural challenges, strengthening business partnerships, and offering personal guidance to executives and group leaders. We believe that awareness plays a key factor in strong leadership and as such, we help strengthen personal, managerial and leadership skills, crafted from the most updated tools and research in the field.

Our Services

Zivi Kalay, founder of ZK Consultants is an executive management consultant, who guides c-level managers through the professional aspects of their position. She assists CEOs and upper management in decision-making, leadership strategies, change navigation, intercultural management, partnerships, and proper operation throughout. In addition, Zivi supports CEOs of multinational organizations in bridging cultural gaps during global expansion and in merger-and-acquisition processes. (Read more in the ABOUT page)

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