I’m a business and management consultant, guiding executive managers through professional aspects of their position, geared toward the success of their organization. I work closely with CEO’s and the executive management to assist them in decision-making, management strategies, intercultural management, partnerships, and proper operation throughout.

The process provides solutions for complicated management environments, while simultaneously allowing for a safe setting to share dilemmas, difficulties, and decisions the manager may face. My methods help create a more streamlined approach to managing fellow senior executives in the company as well as communicating with partners, investors, employees, and other people affiliated with the organization.

My work with senior managers amplifies their leadership skills as a result of comprehensive guidance, professional strategies, and discrete consultation. At the core of my approach lies the belief that strong leadership is the driving force behind the manager’s success (and the company’s as well). The process maps out potential obstacles and ensures proper methods to confront them while looking for channels in which the company can grow, improve and foster a positive change.


I returned to Israel after 25 years in Los Angeles, CA with vast experience in business psychology, which includes consulting CEOs in multi-national organizations while bridging cultural gaps during expansion and M&A.

My career initially began in the field of clinical psychology (I obtained my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University) and gradually evolved toward leadership development for managers and the business world. I incorporate innovative tools from psychology to evaluate processes and tailor the best solutions for each team and manager I accompany. This is done by formulating a plan that accommodates each manager in their position and the unique path they choose to take for the purpose of developing conscious and authentic leadership.


Keter, Micro-Focus, Exlibris ProQuest, Phillip Morris International, Edwards Life-Sciences, APM & Co, Aquarius Engines, Siemens, Gsharim (Bridges) VC, IndieFlow, Dr. Eyal Bressler Law Office, Leumi Bank, Elastic Media, Blink. In addition, I run a private practice for personal growth and leadership development.