Executive Management and Leadership Consulting

Executive Management Consultant

Your Leadership Growth Partner

It is clear nowadays that executives need a personal psychology consultant to help manage their day-to-day managerial and interpersonal challenges. Zivi is an executive and management consultant, guiding executive managers through professional aspects of their position, geared toward the success of their organization. she works closely with CEOs and the executive management to assist them in decision-making, management strategies, intercultural management, partnerships, and proper operation throughout. Zivi’s background in clinical psychology helps assess and provide a tailored program to the managers she works with.

The process provides solutions for complicated management environments, while simultaneously allowing for a safe setting to share dilemmas, difficulties, and decisions the manager may face. Zivi’s methods help create a more streamlined approach to managing fellow senior executives in the company as well as communicating with partners, investors, employees, and other people affiliated with the organization.

Her work with senior managers amplifies their leadership skills as a result of comprehensive guidance, professional strategies, and discrete consultation. At the core of Zivi’s approach lies the belief that strong leadership is the driving force behind the manager’s success (and the company’s as well). The process maps out potential obstacles and ensures proper methods to confront them while looking for channels in which the company can grow, improve and foster a positive change.

Managers Report

  • More authority in the presence of their employees
  • Better decision-making and execution of company changes
  • Improved relations with partners, investors, clients, and employees
  • More control of their personal and professional lives
  • A sense of empowerment and leadership growth
  • Clearer objectives and target
  • Renewed fulfillment from their position and their interpersonal relationships with their colleagues
  • Better results and higher goal achievements
  • Increase out-of-the-box solutions
  • A more balanced lifestyle, personal-work-family
  • Higher self-awareness