Cross-Cultural Management

ניהול רב תרבותי

“The survival of mankind will depend to a large extent on the ability of people who think differently to act together.” – Prof Geert Hofstede

Cultural diversity makes an organization stronger. Whether working globally or locally, few organizations can work solely within their own cultural context. Successful management of cultural diversity has therefore become a strategic advantage.

Intercultural Management Solutions

Translate complex challenges into practical solutions

We improve the effectiveness of organizations working amid diverse cultural backgrounds and give you the know-how, competence, and tools to assess, measure, and capitalize on cultural diversity. Our programs utilize a blended learning approach to ensure that the results of our interventions are immediately applicable and with lasting effects. 

  • Diagnosis – Identify your organization’s precise needs. Discover where your focus should be
  • In-House Training Programs – A sophisticated understanding of the intercultural aspects that influence daily operations
  • Management Team Consulting – Address challenges that management teams face with multicultural teams
  • Country-Specific Management Briefings – Recognize and assess the potential pitfalls when preparing staff for expatriation to a specific country
  • Lectures & Workshops – Face-to-face or virtual