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Women & Business Summit- Dubai

Bridging Cross-Cultural gaps.  Zivi discusses here the key cultural characteristics define each country, and ways to overcome those differences. 
Women & Business Summit

Participating in a panel discussion, at the Women & Business Summit in Dubai. Discussing cross-cultural differences in negotiations and partnership processes between Israel and Dubai.

What moved me most in the panel I participated in today at the Women and Business Conference in Dubai, is not only the fact that we sat with our friends from the Emirates on the same stage, but that we discovered how much more similar than different we are. Women leaders all over the world face similar challenges, yet they choose to focus on advancing their vision, their career, and their business, instead of letting the barriers hinder them. I personally believe that what we choose to focus on, grows the best 
Panel Discussion: Women in men’s world

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Women & Business Summit on Al Salam Newspaper.

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L.A. Radio Talk Show, "Boker-Tov". Leadership and Management Challenges During Corona Times

Zivi was hosted at Boker-Tov, radio-talkshow to discuss leadership and management challenges during Covid-19 times (in Hebrew).

Hebrew Radio Talkshow

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