Building Strong Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

Your Organizational and Corporate Culture is one of its most significant strategic assets and the most important factor in determining business performance. It dictates how things are done in an organization and can be a powerful force for good or bad. If we imagine an organization as an engine, organizational culture would be the oil for that engine. With our unique Organizational Culture Scan, developed by Prof. Geert Hofstede, we can help you assess, understand, manage and transform your culture. 

Transformation Package Includes

  • Intake interviews to define the target for the transformation process and co-create the plan to carry it out 
  • Organisational Culture Scan to measure the current culture of your organization through an online survey and/or interviews
  • Workshops to guide you through the transformation process every step of the way
  • Additional scan tools such as Levers of Change™ and Executive Match 360 as needed
  • Customization available